What is S.K Retreats – A word from the founder.


How does S.K Retreats define a successful retreat?

“The real work for me is to create an environment that encourages learning and sharing and to provide information that would hopefully nudge my attendees in the right direction. I am ever cognizant of the fact that I should never be too forceful where positive change is concerned since effective change can never be compulsory. Furthermore, real change should pass the test of time though it might not be noticeable at first, real change is quiet and insidious because it usually starts on the inside. The real matrix of success happens a couple of months after your retreat. Have your attendees retained any information from the retreat? Have they built new friendships? Are they kinder to themselves? Was your retreat able to add couple of additional months to a difficult marriage? These are some of the ways that we determine that our retreat has been successful.” – Sandra Kemayou. GUIDE TO CREATING A WOW RETREAT.



My sister’s keeper retreat Reviews.

There is nothing like a gateway to reconnect with God. The testimonies from our retreats are always so humbling to us. The fact that God shows up at these meetings is such a gift. Below, we have included some of the many testimonies, we received from people that attended our retreats….

IMG_5500Review by Etonde

“I  got to spend my weekend on the mountain top in Colorado. If you are ever wanting to attend a retreat try ‪#‎mysisterskeeper‬. You won’t regret it. We let the Holy Spirit minister through us. It was a consuming fire weekend.

Words can’t explain what happened, all I can say is, it was the demonstration of the Spirit’s power. It came through praise and worship, speaking God’s word over circumstances, sharing our stories, revealing our hurts, getting deliverance and receiving healing.We have to know the word and use it as prayer.

“This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.”
Joshua 1:8 NKJV

Do you know what the word says about your struggles? He’s got a word for you. You got to know it to stand on his promises.

You’ve got to stand on the word, it is what heals and sets you free. Empty words will keep you in captivity.”

Review by Sylvie


What an incredible weekend spend with phenomenal women! Words have failed to describe the transformation that occurred through the power of the Holy Spirit as we worshiped, encouraged and love each other at the 2016 ‪#‎MySisterkeeperReteat‬! My spirit is revived and heart is full! When I left my house, I told my husband I felt like I was going to my wedding all over again! Little did I know I truly was going to encounter a tangible experience with the King of Glory at the mountain top! Just like Moses I when up to the mountain, got delivered, revived, restored and redeemed! Now I’m equipped and ready to fight the good fight of Faith! I can surely tell you my life will never be the same again! I am a transformed woman, wife, mom, friend, and sister.”


Review by Kizi

IMG_5715“My Sister’s Keeper Retreat was SO life-changing that I CANNOT put it in words.

The location, breathtaking.
The new sisters I met & bonds created, priceless.
What we learnt about ourselves, our purpose, our talents/gifts from GO, was awakening.
The raving cheers & praise about the meals prepared by ‪#‎BouffistasKitchen‬ @bouffista , UNBELIEVABLE. “Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for. It is a thing to be achieved”



Review by Bumie

“Indeed no man is an island. Someone might have burnt you in the past doesn’t mean everyone will burn you. I’ve learnt in this season how to not be an island I choose to be a channel of blessing that is also willing to be blessed by others. My sisters Keepers retreat has changed me. I can’t say all that happened because now is not the time but the evidence is quite tangible. Thanks for blessing me with these ladies Lord. Many of these my sisters I just met but I can boldly say you have changed my life…”

Review by Barbara

10156022_10102571232256798_1200776080_n“Friday!!!Very expectant went in knowing how powerful the presence of GOD was going to be but little did I know that real change comes with being vulnerable, digging deep, opening scars, and finding yourself again. Everything so arranged and in order: name tag on the bed, welcome gift bag, sticker with name, all so organized but yet I was so lost in my spirit with my inner woman crying out loud for GOD’s attention.
Did I really know my GOD and not just his “activities” or gifts? By evening time on the first day, getting a little comfortable with the new faces and new environment and yet still thinking why am I here/what’s in store for me? Then suddenly I realized that this was the end of the road for my battles and the introduction to the new me. Every weakness and pain was burned and the ashes turned into beauty right before my face, uplifting words/thoughts coming from other people on sticky notes that can actually remind you of who you are when you think otherwise, learning how to share, care, love even when it hurts but it has to be done because I now understand my purpose.
Spending one hour just talking to GOD made all the difference, followed by tears of healing, freedom and restoration now I’m enjoying the result of being in the presence of GOD. The power of sisterhood, appreciating the gift of GOD that’s unique in everyone made bonding easy and I must say that I got introduced to a worshiper called Shana Wilson which has caused my worship to get to another dimension.
Walking into the light of His glory Sunday morning now understanding exactly what my mission on earth is: serving others, mending the broken hearted, and putting a smile on every woman’s face. I just collided with my destiny and I’m now walking in my purpose, the promises of GOD are mine. I just want to give GOD praise and glory for who HE is.
My God, just reading this for the first time, I was actually talking while half asleep as my husband typed the words……..I now Know You LORD. Be blessed my Sisters.”

Review By Manekeu

1487297_10202696260624372_182819340_n“My Sister’s Keeper’s Retreat…

Words may not be able to fully express nor describe what my experience at My Sister’s Keeper Retreat was like but I’ll try to do it justice. It’s been almost two weeks since the retreat took place but I still get chills just by the thought of it.

When I first found out about the retreat, I was excited about it but when I noticed that it would be taking place on the weekend of my birthday, the excitement faded…needless to explain the battle that went on within my mind but if I’m writing this story it means I did attend it. As I was packing, I told myself that I could consider this as my birthday “getaway…vacation” that way I would feel like I did celebrate my birthday; just in a non-traditional way which typically entails a party and all. But I must say this was THE BEST birthday gift I have ever given myself.

It was like an out of body experience. It was like I stepped into another realm and had an encounter with God and that experience has been life changing. It is such that I am not the only one seeing and experiencing the new me but people around me are recognizing it and mentioning it. The turning point for me started during the one hour individual meditation period. Initially I wondered; what on earth am I supposed to be meditating on for an hour?” The location alone was enough of a retreat; the serenity within and without was breath taking. So I headed outside and decided to enjoy the scenery; the beauty of God’s creation, then suddenly I began to sing a praise and worship song “Here I am to Worship.” After singing the chorus to that song a couple of times, I suddenly stopped and in that moment I felt like I transcended into a different place. The next think I remember was that I was in the house. Everything that happened to me for the rest of that day brought to reality what happened to me during that meditation period. Everything I was told for the rest of that day was a confirmation what I experienced during the meditation. It was scary but so real. At some point I thought my mind was playing tricks over me but the peace and calmness that I felt within was greater than anything I have EVER experienced.

I learned A LOT during that retreat that I could write a book about it. At that retreat I encountered GOD, I found me, I learned to let go and let God, the dreams that I had dismissed or silenced were awoken because I learned that they were laid in my heart for a reason, and that I have a PURPOSE. Because before I was formed, God knew me and the plans He has for me are plans to PROSPER me.

While I’m on the lookout for the next edition of My Sister’s Keeper Retreat, my prayer is to not only keep growing in the Lord but to bear fruits, to equip me to fulfil the purpose for which He sent me here.”

Review by Maikah

10502520_886072404740369_7201646246824035753_n“I went to retreat thinking it was going to be a girls weekend. I just wanted  to talk, drink, dance, and have fun. The last thing I expected was to encounter Christ. The retreat was a reminder to me that the most important thing in this life is the presence of Christ and the ability to recognize His presence.! I was brought back to the origin of myself, the origin of the friendships I have with those that were at the retreat and the origin of the new friends I made while there. It was a memory of Him, of His love for me! I was listening to a song the other day and one of lyrics is “announce that the Lord is present!” I immediately thought about the weekend I spent with the women at the retreat and was so overwhelmed with emotion because I know that I am not perfect and that despite the fact that I am a sinner He is still present and I can still announce and experience His presence and the retreat was a place where I could see Him present. While at the retreatI could see Him present not just there, but could look back at past experiences and say He was there too, He never left me! I could see the Truth of myself, who I really am, and Who I really belong to. At the retreat my soul cried out for Him. The immensity of His Love was so clear! I thank my sisters that were there with me, because if not for them I would have not have seen Him clearly. The women that were there were so humble and open. They were willing to risk themselves for Christ and for my salvation. It was evident that my salvation and their salvation is one and the same thing. It is something to experience! All I can say is that I am Thankful!! It was truly a blessing and a Mercy for me to have been there.”

Review by Anyi

“Little did I know would I would be in a house full of strong, beautiful, God fearing women who were all sharing similar trials and tribulations of life like myself. Little did I know that I would be with swarm of women whom 72 hours later I would call my sisters keepers. This retreat was absolutely phenomenal. Its true that God puts you in the right place at the right time. Prior to that weekend I was asking God to help me strengthen my relationship with him. I needed that extra push to help me focus. It is this retreat that has help me fully understand the importance of what our purpose and vision is let alone how to find it. Through all of you I have become more in tuned with my “spiritual me”. ( I even went on recent road trip and told my girlfriends if thier CD’s weren’t gospel then I wasn’t playing it, and yes they did a double take, like is this Anyi’s car??? LOL!) I tell u, we do serve an amazing God and I continue to bear witness to the outstanding things he has done all around us. I can’t wait to worship with you all again, just like last time, at the right place and the right time. Shalom, Shalom, to God be the Glory!”